Berry Vanilla Wonder

6 serve

An irresistible blend of strawberry and vanilla to show you just how wonderfull life can get

Sea Salt Caramel Pecan Celebration

6 serve

A coming together of sea salt caramel, pecan and Italian Wonder ice cream

Chocolate Overload

6 serve

A heavenly chocolate cake base interspersed with chocolate ice cream and topped with flakes and almonds.

Fruit and Blackcurrant Drizzle

6 serve

Blackcurrant + Vanilla Flavoured Fruit Bonanza ice cream with assorted nuts.

Mango Italian Fiesta

6 serve

Mango Kingdom + Vanilla Flavoured Italian Wonder Ice cream with assorted nuts

Strawberry red velvet grande

6 serve

Experience slices of strawberry and cheesecake indulgence.

Caramel walnut fest

6 serve

Caramel and walnut come together for an exotic celebration for flavours.

Swiss Choco Symphony

6 serve

swiss chocloate + white chocolate ice cream coated with chocolate chips .

Double Choco Bliss

10 serve

Dark chocolate meets Belgian decadence

Butterscotch almond amore

10 serve

Butter + Vanilla based almond crunch ice cream + Almonds+White Choco Savings

Black forest

10 serve

Lush layers of Blackforest & White Choco Raspberry Ice Cream topped with cherries and chocolate flakes, wrapped with chocolate sticks - all laid on a blackforest cake base

BlackCurrant Rich Cream

10 serve

Electric BlackCurrant and BlackBerry Ice cream come to the party with cranberries and dried blackcurrant chunks - a fruity experience like never before

almond pistachio butterscotch tower

16 serve

Celebrate with butterscotch and nuts like never before

Mango kingdom gala

20 serve

A dessert for royalty made with Mango Kingdom ice cream and white chocolate shavings.

Dark chocolate secrets

20 serve

If you can't get enough of chocolate, dig deep into this ice cream cake made with dark chocolate ice cream, almonds and chocolate shavings.

Dessert royale

Mini Edition

Rich Maharaja Bhog Icecream, topped with raj bhog nuts and surrounded with white chocolate flakes.